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  Double warmer
Helps in keeping the milk warm. Two cavity are provided to hold two ml bottles.
  Dripless Wide Neck Nipple
They are designed to respond to baby’s sucking strength . Allowing your baby to control the flow. Cross cut automatically adjusts flow in line with your growing baby’s needs.
  Anakku Finger Tooth Brush
Anakku finger tooth brush is made from non toxic durable material that is safe for baby to use.
  Silicon Teats
Anakku premium teats are designed to enhance oral development, muscle growth and proper positioning of baby’s teeth. Anakku premium teats are made from the finest 100% medical grade liquid silicon. They are completely clear , non toxic , odorless , tasteless and nitrosamines free.
Growth Guide for determining the right teat size:
  Steriliser tablet
These feeding Bottle Sterilising tablets are modern convenient and effective method for safely sterilizing baby’s feeding equipment.
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