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The little one is now growing fast and is becoming more assertive . She will now start to show her likes and dislikes. She is fast developing into an individual. She will also start crawling during this period.
The baby is now more active and needs food supplement apart from motherís milk or tinned supplement . You would have already introduced her to baby rice, meshed vegetable and fruits. It is advisable not to use salt, sugar, honey or other sweeteners to your babyís food until she is one year old. Introduce her to different taste. Some taste she may not like but donít stop giving the same food next time. You will be surprised to find that she may like it one day.
The height of the baby is increasing 1.5cms to 2cms per month and the weight may be increasing at the rate of 200 to 300 gms per month.
Motor Senses
The eyes and the hearing senses of the baby is now almost fully developed she is able to follow fast moving colourful objects at the corner of the room. The baby will now be able to sit independently. She may be doing some swimming like poses before she actually start crawling. The baby will turn on its stomach and will try to push herself up. It is important that you donít leave her unattended on the changing table .
Once she starts moving her hands and legs faster than before she is ready for crawling. By the 11th Month she will be crawling independently.
Child Proof Your House
Now since you baby has started moving around the house like a little princess it is better that you baby proof your house. Look out for sharp edges especially under the tables and chairs. The pointed surface must be properly covered. Look out for hanging wires and foot plug points.
Dressing Your Baby
We should have written about it much earlier but we thought that it is better to use jablas during the initial six to eight months . Once the baby starts sitting or crawling dressing baby makes more sense. Always buy clothes which have large head opening and are made of stretchy fabric. Stretch the neck opening in the garment before you try to place it over her head. Reach into sleeves and pull her hands rather than pushing her arms through. Be careful not to bend her fingers and toes the wrong way. Remove the shirt by gently taking her arms out one at a time and then lifting the shirt over her face. Donít overdress your baby. She can become overheated is she wear too much clothing and also her body resistance against cold goes down . Dress your baby with the same amount of clothing as you are wearing plus one additional thin layer.
The fast ones among them will be speaking one syllable word. She will also be reacting to her name. She will even start understanding ďTa Ė TaĒ and ď Bye Ė Bye ď. You should talk to your baby as much as you can. We have been insisting on talking to baby again and again as learning to speak is one of the greatest challenges for the child and she will learn this much more faster by looking at you, speak. Also child find it comforting whenever you speak nice words to her. For mothers also speaking to child connects her to child. The baby will love to listen to simple stories and see colourful pictures on the books. She will love to play with toys that can be activated by herself.
Sleeping Habits
Although the young ones will now be sleeping through the night but it is still better idea to develop sleeping habits in baby. She should now be sleeping in her own crib. Donít put child in her crib after she is asleep. Make the child ready for the night and take her to the crib during a similar time everyday while she is still awake. Ask her to sleep and you move away. If she cries or demands your presence just go and pat her once and come back. Donít take child out of the crib . Slowly this will lead to her sleeping individually as she grows up.
Air Travel
Now a days traveling by air is very common. Due to change in the air pressure during ascent and descent the child may feel ear pain. The best way to prevent it or at least reduce it, is to encourage your baby to suck and swallow during take off and for a few minutes prior to landing. Encourage her to nurse, take a bottle or use a pacifier to stem the pain.
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