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The huge developmental stage of the baby has set in for it to develop emotionally and physically. Even though a baby may not be still able to do things what they have in their mind. And this will sometimes lead to frustrations in the baby. You will have to support the baby helping her do things that she wants to do and in turn boosting her confidence.
The baby is now not fully satisfied with mother milk and may need some other food as supplements to support her growing appetite. A mother can prepare a baby’s own food on advise from a pediatric or else can choose from a lot of ready to eat foods available which can be used along with the mother’s milk. It is advisable to introduce one food at a time as then the allergy to any particular food can be pinpointed. The babies don’t have teeth till now and hence the foods should be meshed properly before feeding. it is advised not to feed them with acidic food . The overcooked foods are also not advisable as they kill all the nutrients in the food. It is advisable not to feed babies with too much of sweetened food.
The baby will be growing at an average of about 600 to 700 gms per month. There is no strict rule as to how much a baby should weigh during this period but a eight month old baby would weigh approximately 2.5 times the weight at birth. The height increase will slow down a little and may be 1 to 2 cms per month.
Motor Senses
The baby is now able to look beyond few meters . You will find him concentrating on the objects in his hand. She is now able to track faster movements. He will be able to have a better hand and eye coordination by the end of seven months. Older infants will start speaking single syllable words like “mama” or “dada’. They may start shouting to get your attention. The hearing senses of the baby develop fast during this time. They are able to recognize and differentiate between different noises. By seven year they should be able to respond to their name.
The baby is now more drawn towards the toys and start understanding to play with them. While introducing a toy to this age group you should also show them how to play with it. Even though they may like to play in their own fashion. Baby of this age group will show interest in household objects like spoon or pan.
The baby is becoming better at holding his head and chest up. He is able to push himself up on stomach. He will start holding things between his thumb and finger that will make her work much more easily. Now that your baby can pick up lots of things, make sure he doesn’t get his hands on objects he can choke on – anything that he can fit entirely into his mouth.
Teeth start appearing in the baby from as early as three months to as late as one year but normally the teeth’s start appearing in six months . Teething is normally accompanied by some behavioral changes. The baby will be more fussy, will cry more during night time. Babies will be chewing more on fingers, teething rings and other objects. Babies will suffer from poor appetite.
Baby Grooming
Though it is important cleanse your baby and keep its skin dry. But after six months grooming becomes more important as grooming is not only about cleaning your baby but its also a way of learning. Using your elbow should always check the water temperature rather than by palm as our palms is less temperature sensitive. It is always advised to use a mild shampoo or Liquid bath, as baby’s skin is very sensitive. You should give baby a oil massage at least half an hour before bath and also make baby do some exercises. Adding some toys like rubber duck will help baby enjoy bath.
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