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Congratulations for having survived the most difficult part of raising a baby. From a sleeping little one your baby has now grown up and is more playful and responsive. The baby is learning things very fast and may like to grasp things and is more awake during the daytime giving you a lot more time to play with her.
Breast milk is the ideal feeding choice for the infants for up to six months. The nutrient composition of the motherís milk is far superior to any of the prepared substitutes. The motherís milk contains various ingredients, which are still undiscovered substances and help in keeping baby healthy and in rejunvating her immune system.

Your baby may require 5 to six feeds per day.
Baby Statistics
The weight gain in the baby will continue and you child may be gaining 0.5 Kgs to 1.2 kgs per month. The height increase may be 2.5 cms to 3.75 cms per month.
Mobile Senses
The babyís eyes are developing fast and is now able to recognize you as you enter the room. Her listening power is ever increasing. She now loves to listen to music and other sounds but the best your baby likes is your voice. Talk to baby while preparing food or getting ready to breast feed this will help baby to learn words and also will teach her to wait. While talking to baby if baby makes some sound stop and listen to that sound and repeat that sound till he makes another sound . This way you are teaching your baby lessons about tone, pacing and taking turns. He will be loved to listen to music that his toys make. Her eye loves to see brightly coloured pictures in storybook. Especially colours like black and white attracts her.
Playing with baby
It is very important that you play with your baby as much as you can.

The baby learns a lot of things while playing and most important her self confidence gets boosted and the various things that she does during playing makes her proclaim that ď yes I can do this also.Ē Grasping a rattle or making rattle to make noise gives baby a great sense of pride. Her confidence goes zooming when she sees that she can make things happen. She will try to touch objects hung above her. Four month old are not yet using their thumb and hence they will hold things by pressing against the palm. Your baby will like to explore things by putting everything that she can lay hand on in her mouth. It is therefore advisable to keep things around the baby clean.
The baby would continuously aim to put her thumb into her mouth but will mostly fall short of her goal until unless after 4 months when she will be slowly able to hold it there. The baby will now slowly start showing her likes and dislikes. She will sometimes stop playing and start crying. This is her way to show that she is now bored and wants to be cuddled or is tired and wants a break.

Baby of this age will slowly start pushing their heads and shoulders up and rest their weight on the forearm. They will start turning from back to side and from stomach to back. It is important that you donít leave your child alone on the changing table or bed as baby may push from their feet and fall.
Diaper Rashes
Diaper rashes is one of the most common problem that a child suffers during her initial years. A diaper rash occurs because of combination of heat , moisture and irritated skin. Skin irritation occurs because of various reasons like either diaper being too tight or being small or are left too long or soap. Diaper rashes can be normally treated with a rash cream but if pimples or small ulcer occur then the doctors should be consulted.
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