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The baby is on transformation. She will soon be losing her chubby characteristics and becoming more muscular. The baby will be growing taller compared to rounder. She will also be learning two most important things in her life. Two most important things are Potty training and Speech.
Baby Statistics
At the end of 24 months the baby will somewhere be 81 to 94 cms whereas her weight should be somewhere from 9.8 to 14.7 Kgs. It is also important to monitor her head circumference. Her head will add about an inch to her head circumference during this period and will start resembling that of elders. Another important thing during this period is that the irregularities due to premature birth will start disappearing and the child will even out with other child of her age.
The baby is now growing very fast and needs a lot of nutrients and she also needs lot of iron. Her food should now be composed of lot of fruit and vegetables along with cereals. Pulses are especially good for her and she should be given once a day.
The baby now starts enjoying puzzles, blocks, scribbling and coloring . Before introducing any new game to her show her the correct way to do things but don’t insists on her to do it correctly. As long as she is doing it she is learning.
Potty Training
This is one of the most important decision that a parent has to take when to start training her child. It is advisable to start potty training during warm months such that child can be left without nappies for a few days. Involve child in selecting potty. Find a suitable time during the day everyday and make baby sit on the potty for sometime. Also whenever you feel that baby’s bladder is full make her sit on the potty.
Initially, she may find difficult and sometimes it may so happen that the child doesn’t pass urine when put on potty but relives as soon as taken out of the potty. But don’t lose heart but keep trying. It is also a good idea to make her see you using potty.
The baby will now show more interest in stories and nursery rhymes. Singing rhymes like “ Johny Johny “ , “ Baba Black Sheep “ and “ Chandamama Dur Ke” will keep her interest growing. Toddlers can understand the language before they verbalize.
: Most of the child has her own inborn temperament, qualities like sensitivity , emotional intensity , adaptability that affect the way she responds to the world. You will soon know about them. As the toddlers are growing they will try to be more independent. They will try to take their own decision They may find it difficult to express their need and desire. They may sometime have negative emotions. Understanding baby’s temperament and working with her temperament, is key to effective parenting. It is best not to argue with your toddler but give her own time and space before she cools down. This phase is not going to last long and by the time she is three she will be more social.
From 12 months onwards you may be noticing that the baby is able to recall other persons action. The memory of the baby will be developing fast during this period and by this time she will be able to bathe a doll or do actions of her father driving a car or of her mother cooking in the kitchen.
Social Sense
The stroll to the park should now develop to inviting other children to your home from time to time. The child during this age can start playing alongside other children but it will not be until 3 years that she will be playing with other children. It is advisable to call only one child at a time as child is not yet adapted to playing in-group.
Keep taking her for grocery shopping or to parks as frequently as possible.
We at Samar Trade and Industry hope that you have enjoyed your this phase of life of growing an helpless child into an independent toddler. This is the best time to refresh your memory and browse through photographs of the baby . You will be astonished of yourself as how these two wonderful years of life had gone by.

Wishing you and your child a great future.
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