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Your house is now your baby’s kingdom. She will be roaming about freely and picking things whatever she feels like and putting them into her mouth. This increases her chances of infection. Even though her stomach or body is strong enough to resist most infections but still it is better to keep things clean and also mop the floor at least twice a day. Keep shoes and slippers away from her reach.
She has finished her first birthday and would love to be treated like a grown up. The first step towards developing this social skill is to join her in the meals with other people on the dinning table. She can now enjoy almost the same food as you do perhaps little modified to make them suitable for her.
Baby Statistics
The baby will be approximately 3 to 3.5 times her weight at birth by the end of eighteen month.
First Step
While crawling the baby will learn to stand with the help of some support. Slowly she may be walking with support. This is the right time to get her a walker.
Hold the baby with two hands and make her walk. You will really enjoy her taking a first step independently. If possible record this moment on a camera and you and your baby will always enjoy watching this in future. The first step of the baby if can be described in words will be like this. She keeps her leg wide apart and hesitates between the steps , moving side to side , as they move one foot forward . She will try to balance but will tumble. If you don’t overreact to her falls she will be right back on her path learning to walk. By around 15 months she will be able to walk independently without help.
Child Proofing your House
As the baby is walking around it is again better to look around for next set of things which can be harmful to her. Look for the staircase safety gate she has yet not learnt to negotiate steps. Seal your kitchen such that the baby can’t walk in as even a pea getting inserted into her nose or ear can be really painful. Drawers should be checked such that they can’t be pulled out to land on her leg. Balcony is another place to look at. The gap between the two railings is good enough for a child to sneak through.
Now your child is ready to chase balls , toy train etc. The sound-generating instrument will be of great interest to her. She will love music and T.V. Even though it is not good for her eyes. She will watch T.V. with great interest.
The baby will now be understanding ‘Yes’ and “No” . She will be speaking single Syllable words like “Mama” or “Dada”. By the end of eighteen months she may speak a few more words. But along it is important that you speak with your child as much as possible. Try explaining to her what she should tell for different chores during the day.
She will be watching your lip movement and may try to imitate few words.
Sleeping Habits
Your baby may have developed some positive sleeping habits. But she may be getting more cranky. She may be looking for you once she gets up in the night. These can be hard and trying time for you convincing the baby to sleep on her crib. But it is very important not to give up to her demands for a better social life for yourself and all other. It is also now the time to remove comforter and musical crib mobile from her crib. She may use these to climb up and can fall over the edge of the crib. She may be taking two or three naps a day. Incase you find that she is not able to sleep till late in night it is better to slightly adjust her nap times to either little early or for shorter period.
Evening stroll
It is advisable to take your baby in stroller for an evening walk to the parks. Where she can meet children of her age. It will improve her social skills. She will also love lighting of supermarket. The colourful thing in the supermarket attracts the baby. Hence take your baby for your daily grocery purchase.
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