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After the nine months of joy of bearing a baby in her womb and enjoying the kicking and movements of the baby in her stomach and intense labour pain of bringing that baby to life the heart of mother knows no joy when she takes the baby in her arm for the first time. At the same time she is also concerned about the well being of this small helpless baby . We at infantino would like to share and make this most challenging time of your life a memorable one. As soon as you take the baby in your lap you start thinking whether baby is hungry?
Breast feeding
Knowing about the breast feeding even before a baby is born is helpful as nursing should begin within an hour of delivery if possible . When the baby is awake her sucking instinct are strong . The mother may not be producing milk as of yet but her breast contains Colostrums which helps in fighting diseases in the baby. New born will not be able to consume enough and hence will need feeding every two hours . To start nursing the babies mouth should be wide open with nipples as far back into the mouth as possible. During the early days the nipples will not be tough and cracking might develop. To avoid this, mothers should air dry their nipples after each feed.
Baby Statistics
Once the feeding problems are looked into the next thing you are worried about is babies’ weight, and length. Though it is very very difficult to correctly say about the weight and the length of a baby as these depends on the features of mother and father and also other family members. It also varies with the duration of the pregnancy. But an average baby can weigh from 2.8 Kgs to 3.5 Kgs and the length may vary from 45 cms to 54 cms. The babies gain weight very fast and are likely to grow at about 200 gms a week and 2.5 cms to 3.25 cms during her first month.
Baby Cry
A mother is very worried when she listens her baby crying and would immediately take baby as hungry. But a baby can cry even when not hungry just to release tension or even when they are overjoyed. Responding promptly to her cry will teach her that you are there always to care for her.
Mobile Senses
A newborn’s head is much larger than her body and she is not able to hold her head firmly. It takes around six weeks for the neck muscles to develop before a baby can hold her head . You must be wondering and thinking how is the new one liking the things around her and she must be watching them with curiosity but a new born sees best what it is supposed to see that is his mothers face while feeding. That is to say that a new born can see only up to a distance of 10 – 12 inches. The grip of the baby is very strong but they can’t hold on to things intentionally. A baby is a great listener and by one month they can trace the sound to origin but what babies love most is to listen to your voice.
Signs of illness in new born
As a mother you are always worried about your baby being sick. One of the question utmost in your mind will be that whether I will be able to identify illness in my baby. How do I know that my baby is not well and when to take her to doctor. Sometimes a healthy baby may cry for hours to release her tension. It is better to answer following questions which are only an direction for you as a mother to think. Find out behavioral change in you baby . Is there a change in her vomit and stool .Is there a problem with her breathing. Is she drinking or eating less . Is babies eye looking pale or flushed . Is baby urinating less than usual . Is baby‘s skin looking pale . Is there a change in her sleep patterns. This questionnaire is not complete but what we are trying to emphasis is that look out for unusual behavior in your baby rather that rely on her crying to take baby to doctor.
Sleep Safety
Mothers should be very careful while placing babies on bed for sleep. They should ensure that nothing is blocking the nose of the baby . It is always preferred to lay baby on side position or on her back. The baby should never be allowed to sleep on her stomach as there are chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome caused due to re-breathing of their own carbon dioxide.
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