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Samar Trade And Industry was started in 1999 to cater to the domestic aspiration of a renowned export firm  M/s Surajmal Shobhachand.   M/s Surajmal Shobhachand had been in the field of textiles for last 35 years and had been the winner of various export awards from Govt. of India. Our group turnover is USD 10 million . You are welcome to visit our group website at

At Samar Trade & Industry , our objective was to provide international quality products to the Indian Consumer at an affordable price. Slowly by year 2003, we started specializing in Baby Products. Today, Samar Trade And Industry is a fully dedicated baby products company. We at Samar Trade and Industry feel that bringing a baby into this world is a greatest gift a couple can give to mankind. We at Samar Trade and Industry are thriving to make this mysterious moment of bringing up a new born helpless baby into a naughty, mischievous toddler as enjoyable as possible. We are continuously working towards bringing out products which make parenting a joy.

Infantino products are made to the highest quality standards. Over time Infantino has become synonymous with innovation, quality, style and more. At our own Design House, young designers are encouraged to design and innovate garments and accessories, which will enhance the pleasure of using them. The comfort and safety of the baby is kept utmost in the mind. We are continuously working with scientist and chemist regularly to innovate products for the betterment of child and mother.

We are tied up with Anakku , one of the most successful brands in Malaysia, to market their entire range into India.

We at Samar Trade and Industry always keep our ears and eyes open for the customer. The comments of the customer are recorded with great attention to develop product to their need.

Within a span of just 3 to 4 years our products are not only available at most of the leading stores and Hypermarket in India but are setting new milestone in our category.

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